Case Law Ltd. is a premier San Francisco-based civil rights law firm.

We approach our craft with a simple formula for getting you the best result possible: Purpose + Work = Results.

Effectively Promoting Justice, One Case at a Time.

Welcome to Case Law Ltd.! Our office is located in the busy heart of San Francisco. As a preeminent civil rights law firm, we are dedicated to safeguarding individual rights in every case we take on. We are committed to advocating for and delivering justice, as well as advancing the law.

A Legal Team Passionate for Justice

We help you obtain justice despite any obstacles that may arise in your path.

Our commitment to litigation is strong, and we prioritize tackling important issues like mass incarceration and police brutality. Rest assured, we will always be at your service and fiercely advocate for justice. No challenge will prevent us from pursuing what is right and fair.

Litigation is our passion, and we work extremely hard. In the era of police misconduct and mass incarceration, you need a lawyer who is willing to take the issues head-on and call out injustice wherever it rears its ugly head. If the police injured you or killed a loved one, representing you would be an honor.

We are committed to ensuring that justice is served, as we believe that everyone deserves equal protection under the law. Throughout the process, we will stand by your side and tirelessly work towards obtaining the compensation and accountability you deserve. With our experience and unwavering determination, we seek to create a free, fair, and just society.

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