Writs & Appeals

When a court makes an error, you have a right or a remedy to go up to the higher court to seek justice. We have successfully litigated both writs and appeals.

What is a writ?

A writ is an interlocutory appeal to the Court of Appeal while the trial court case is pending. Because the trial court case is pending, the burden is on you to show why the Court of Appeal should step in at this point rather than follow the usual course which is wait for the judgment to enter and a noticed appeal. A writ is a very important tool in an attorney’s tool-belt as it can be the difference between a bad ruling resulting in a bad result versus a bad ruling getting corrected right away.

What is an appeal?

After a judgment has been entered against you, you have a right to appeal. You need to act quickly in order to file your notice of appeal on time. Once you file your notice of appeal, then the record must be produced in order for the Court of Appeal to review the case and make a decision as to whether the trial court got it right or wrong.