What is a Mediation Brief? By Georgia Zacest*

*Case Law Ltd. Extern and University of Oregon Law Student, Class of 2023 Put simply, a mediation brief is a tool to help the mediator understand the dispute and effectively assist the parties in settlement. Although commonly disregarded, a mediation brief—if non-confidential —can also be a tool to convince opposing counsel to value your case […]

What is a deposition? By Jianing Zhao*

*Case Law Ltd. Extern and Cornell Law School Student, Class of 2024 What is a deposition and what is its purpose? A deposition is a form of discovery. In a lawsuit, all parties have the right to conduct discovery, which is a formal investigative process to find out more information about the case before trial. […]

What is a writ of Habeas Corpus? By Jianing Zhao*

*Case Law Ltd. Extern and Cornell Law School Student, Class of 2024 A writ of habeas corpus is a legal petition that a person in custody can bring to contest the legality or condition of their custody. The California Penal Code suggests a broad scope for habeas corpus: “Every person unlawfully imprisoned or restrained of […]

What is a Special Needs Trust? By Adara Opiola*

*Case Law Ltd. Extern and University of Iowa Law Student, Class of 2024 pin up casino A Special Needs Trust (“SNT”) is a trust that allows a person with a disability to be the beneficiary of sums of money without losing his or her eligibility to government assistance. Further, “[f]or purposes of drafting Special Needs […]

Did the police enter onto property to search your vehicle without a warrant? You might be able to get your case dismissed! By Morgan Wallace*

*Case Law Ltd. Extern and South Texas College of Law student The California Court of Appeals declared the seizure of a defendant’s vehicle on the private property of another, a Fourth Amendment violation. (People v. Rorabaugh (Jan. 25, 2022, No. C090482) ___Cal.App.5th___ [2022 Cal. App. LEXIS 60].) In People v. Rorabaugh, the police acquired search […]