Business Litigation

What should I do if my small business is harmed or is faced with a legal claim? When you run a small business, it can be incredibly daunting to engage in legal disputes. However, small businesses should not have to stomach the pain and suffering inflicted by a few bad apples or get bullied by large corporations. Our Business Litigation Attorney has successfully represented several small business owners in high-stakes litigation.  

Pursuing A Claim

In California, tort claims must generally be brought within two years, so you need to act quickly and document your harm. You need to document everything so that we can present your claim with the best evidence available.

Defending A Claim

When a lawsuit is brought against your business, it can be very stressful. The best thing to do is immediately consult an attorney who can act quickly on your behalf. You also should preserve your communications with the person or entity bringing the claim as that will be key evidence in any mediated settlement or trial.

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