Trial Lawyer

Why do I need a trial lawyer? If your case is going to trial, you need an advocate who has experience in the courtroom and the ingenuity to get you the best result possible.

What is a trial lawyer?

A trial lawyer is a lawyer who actually tries cases in front of juries in a courtroom, like you see on television. A trial lawyer is a special breed of lawyer. Most attorneys rarely go to court, let alone go to trial. This is because over the last several decades, more and more cases settle. When a case settles, then there is no trial. Some lawyers prefer settling cases because a trial is too stressful. Not Case Law Ltd.

Why do I need a trial lawyer?

You need a trial lawyer to get you full justice. We believe that justice can be done by ordinary people. Those twelve ordinary people in a courtroom are called jurors. In the United States, if you have a claim for damages or you are charged with a crime, you have a right to a jury trial. We pride ourselves on our jury verdicts. We take special pride in that we go to trial when most other lawyers just try to settle cases without getting full justice for their clients. We believe in full justice. We have spent significant time training our Attorney in trial skills, including attending and graduating from the Gerry Spence Method at Thunderhead Ranch near Dubois, Wyoming.  

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