Civil Rights

What do I do if the police killed a loved one or injured me?

Time is of the essence in a civil rights lawsuit, book a consultation today.

Time is of the essence

When a state actor injures you, you need to quickly act on your rights. The statute of limitations for presenting state law claims against a state actor in California is only six months. In New York, you must present your claim in only 3 months. It is extremely important you both document your injuries as well as immediately consult a civil rights attorney. The statute of limitations on a federal civil rights claim (42 U.S.C. § 1983) tracks the state’s personal injury statute. In California, that is two years. In New York, that is only one year and 90 days. While that provides more time, it is not a reason to not document your injuries or seek care. 

Why we fight

We strongly believe that no one is above the law. We also believe that with the responsibility to protect the public, such as police officers, comes great responsibility to act reasonably. It is for this reason we are so passionate about police misconduct cases. Police should act with due care just as we all do as we go through our personal and professional lives. 

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